What do You Want Out of an Automated System for Online Recruiting

Searching for an automated system for online recruiting can be overwhelming. Reduce your frustration by taking into consideration the following tips and suggestions.

1. What is the total cost?

There are many automated systems to choose from and you don’t necessarily get what you pay for. There are many reliable systems out there which are a good value; look for the best return on your investment.

2. Is it customizable?

You will want to be able to optimize your web pages to the search engines. There’s control in being able to upload your own video and/or photos to your landing page.

3. Is it also duplicable?

As you build your team you will want to make use of the best tools to offer to others; after all, your success depends upon their success. You’ll want to be able to say to anyone, “Yes, you can do this! All you have to do is do what our team is doing. Here are the tools that we use.”

4. Can you maintain control?

Let’s think about the function of an automated online MLM recruiting system. Simply, to grow your network of business partners. You are trying to recruit. On the other hand, what you’re really doing is twofold. First, you are sorting; rather, they are sorting themselves. Second, you are building a list. You absolutely will want to be building an opt-in list…a list that is yours and can’t be copied or used for anyone else’s purposes. Make certain that you are in control of your list.

5. Is there a support team?

Not only will the support team be a help for you if you run into problems, but it will also prevent you from becoming the first line of defense when someone on your team is having difficulties with their online MLM recruiting system. Can you say, “Did you call customer support?” Or, “Here’s a number that you can call for that.”

6. Does it provide a great follow up system?

After sorting and making a list, logic says that you will want an effective way to make use of that list. You’ll want to follow up with communications that allow you to continue to talk with those who have opted in with you. They opted in for a reason. Perhaps the timing just isn’t right. As long as you’re able to keep talking with them, there’s always a chance that they’ll join with you in the future.

The best online automated online MLM recruiting system I’ve found is My Lead System Pro. In order to build an opt-in list I use AWeber which is integrated into My Lead System Pro. Both systems have a good reputation and have proven successful among network marketers. They are popular because they work well, are a good value, offer customer service, and have an excellent follow up system.

Although selecting a system can be an overwhelming task; you can make things easier when you’re informed on the key points of this effective tool for online MLM recruiting.